1. Introduction

This research is about finding the factors of the most ideal food for humans. 

As you might know, healthy food generally tastes bad and unhealthy food generally tastes good. The goal is to find a plausible way to make a food that tastes good to the consumer, cheap and have good nutritional value.

It is said that children are picky about food and dislike or avoid certain food, namely sour and bitter ones, and prefer sweet and salty things. This source also says that this behaviour is from the time when we were cavemen, when we had to be careful not to eat poisonous berries that tasted sour or bitter. Adults are less picky because they are exposed to those foods they disliked while they were younger, and gotten used to them. Another reason might be because they know that these foods benefit them health-wise and therefore change to eat these foods. Source: http://www.eatright.org/kids/article.aspx?id=6442467922

Genetically Modified (GM) food, might pose a possible solution to this. We can modify the tastes or nutritional value of certain vegetables or meat to make them better for humans. For example, make vegetables taste better so children can develop good eating habits early. Another suggestion is to make unhealthy food more nutritious, either by adding more ingredients, or modifying the ingredients themselves. However, there might be side effects. GM crops might be harder to grow or are more prone to diseases. So, we will also research about GM food and what it can and cannot do. 

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