3. Survey questions

Survey Questions:

Previously Rejected Questions

1. Would you eat GM Food?
2. Which of the following do you prefer?
3. Do you think we have sufficient food in the world?
4. Do you prefer healthy food to delicious food? (If the healthy food is not delicious and the delicious food is not healthy)
Healthy food/Delicious food
6. Do you apply the 5 second rule in the food that you drop?(WTF is the 5 second rule)D
7. Do you think that GM food would be our future food?
8. Do you think that GM food is harmful to the planet?
  1. Gender?  (male/female)
  2. Age?  
  3. What do you eat food for?  (for the taste/for the nutrients/because you are hungry)
  4. What do you look for when you sit down to eat?  (Taste/try something new/price/health benefits?)
  5. Would you eat at Macdonalds or Subway? Why?
  6. Do you eat fruits or vegetables?  (Yes, No)
    1. If yes, why?  (Health benefits/taste/social influences/others?)
    2. If no, why?  (Don’t like the taste? texture? others?)
  7. Are you willing to try new food items?  (yes/no)
    1. If yes, why?  (Curiosity/social influences/it benefits your health)
    2. If no, why?  (Smells bad, looks bad, feels bad?)
  8. Will you continue to eat your favourite food if you found out it was unhealthy? (yes/no/others)
  9. Do you finish all the food when you sit down to eat? (yes/no)
    1. If yes, why?  (Social influences/money/enjoyment?)
    2. If no, why?  (Full/don’t like the taste?)
  10. Would you eat food items modified by science? (Genetically Modified food)  Why or why not

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