5. Conclusion

          According to the responses, most people who do the survey care more about taste and the overall enjoyment of the food item than the health benefits. Most people would continue to eat their favourite food even if they find out it was unhealthy and harmful for their bodies. As long as they enjoy it, they will eat it. They either don't know about the harm the food might do in the long term, or they choose to ignore it.
          However, in some of the questions, for example: 'Why do you eat fruits/vegetables?', the reason they gave was because of the health benefits and nutritional value. This contradicts the former inference of most people eating food just because of the taste. If we were to follow the previous inferences, we can say that most people eat fruits and vegetables because they like the taste and enjoy it. Nutritional value is just a reason that people give to feel good about themselves (just what we think).
          In conclusion, we think that the ideal and perfect food would have a good taste, high nutritional value and good price. People would, according to the survey responses, eat food with good taste and high nutritional value than food with bad taste and high nutritional value.

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