Annex A - Group Research Proposal


Research Topic (Global Challenge): Ideal Food for Humans

Chosen Area of Focus: Places with high population density

Group Members’ Names:
a) Dawn Lim Gin (02)
b) Axel Tan Jing Zhi (08)
c) Donovan Neo Jia Jie (13)
d) Shaun Tan Zheng Xun (25)

1. Statement of problem (framing our research topic):
What is the ideal food for humans?

2. Research Objectives
To find out how to sustain a large population with sufficient amount of food

3. Literacy Review (Brief summary of at least 3 sources that you have consulted with reference to your research topic)

Genetically Modified Food Reference --
How is Genetically Modified food related our research?
It is basically food that are modified for human or animal consumption using the latest molecular biology techniques. Finding out about these foods would be able to deduce about the food of the future that we are looking at and narrow our ideas of the perfect food.
Book : 10 Billion by Stephen Emmott
We had 4 agricultural revolutions. The first one took place 13,000 years ago. The second revolution was in the thirteenth century. It was defined by the start of the selective breeding of plants and plant types. The third revolution took place between 15th and 19th century. It increased agricultural productivity and the mechanization of food. The fourth one is from the 1950s to the current day. It is called the ‘Green Revolution’ We making too much food makes food cheaper and then we had money to spend on other things. Other products that destroys our world. So how can we solve this?

4. Proposed Hypothesis
The majority of people prefer eating food for the taste rather than the nutritional value.

5. Research Plan (Describe how you intend to design your research i.e. who/what you are going to research on, how many respondents, your study area/location etc)
Research on different health benefits of healthy food. We will do research on Genetically Modified food, finding out what are the pros and cons.

6. Methodology (Describe what methods you are using to collect data, where and how the data can be collected and analysed)
We used some references from a book and websites. Then, we will type it down on a Google Doc, before interpreting and explaining it.

7. Research Schedule

Literacy review and Research proposal
Finalise research proposal
Working on the blog
Working on survey questions
Sending out surveys
Sending out surveys
Sending out surveys

Survey analysis
Oral presentation

8. Overall assessment on feasibility and manageability of the research (justify why your research can be managed and results be achieved within the time-frame)

Our topic is within Singapore and is about food. So we do not need to travel to other countries just to find information. Food is also a topic people can easily answer, so more people can do the survey.

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